October 17, 2012

Chatty, No Chatty

I've been sick.
Not stomach sick, thankfully.

Yesterday was the first day
I've felt good for quite a while.

Ryan called over lunch.
And I talked and talked and talked.
I think I haven't used enough of my words lately.
I've got days to catch up on.
Lucky man.

I made cookies while the kids were at school.
And the whole time my mind was going 900 mph.
Being out of it for a bit (no comments necessary, thank you)
makes you appreciate being able to think again.

I was giddy over using my new spreader.
It's the simple things for me...
My hubby brought it home the other day.
I've always wanted one.
So exciting.
It was so much easier to get the peanut butter out of the jar.

We are supposed to recycle our peanut butter jars.
We are also supposed to rinse our jars out first.
Peanut butter does not rinse.
I just throw the jar away.

It's always more fun to cook with cute shoes.
I was also giddy about my vanilla.
I got this at the Alamo gift shop this summer.
A gift for me!
From me!
It's so much cheaper than the grocery store.
So excited every time I use it.
I'm a baking/cooking nerd.

I made no bake cookies.
Then, I was reading a friend's blog this morning
and she had just made them too.
(Great minds think alike, Carmen.
But my recipe is slightly different from yours.
And I don't serve them on pretty tea plates.
We just peel them right off the waxed paper.
Cuz we're classy.)
Didn't know it had been so long
since I had last made them.
When the kiddos got home from school,
they all cheered.
Yea me!

So, I've been chatty.
The girl, no chatty.

The kids are all off school the rest of this week.
My daughter woke up in a lovely mood.

Heavy sighing.
While walking around the house.
Laying down on the couch.
Walking around the house.
Sitting at the bar in the kitchen.
Never talking.
Acting bored with life.

I ignored her.
Sent Ryan a text.
About HIS daughter.
Made pancakes.
Said weird things.
All to annoy her more.

My mom rocks!
I'm pretty sure that's what she was thinking.

Just like that.
She was fine.
Started playing games with the boys.
Talking to me.
All happy, happy.

I am never moody.


Carmen said...

Ah yes, life with kids is always interesting! (: Sometimes I just look at Andy and throw my hands up in the air. Oh, and that's the same exact kind of vanilla we always got in Mexico! I just ran out recently and it was sad. Enjoy it-- (:

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

I throw away our peanut butter jars as well....your secret's safe with me :). I also throw away mayonnaise jars and salad dressing bottles -- all because I'm too lazy to wash them out. Glad you're feeling better, and I'm also glad it wasn't the stomach junk....

Amy said...

* So sorry you've been sick. You should call me. I'll help you use up some of your words. :)

* You should get a dog who loves peanut butter. Marley always made sure our peanut butter jars were licked completely clean!

* I thought of you and those exact shoes the other day. I want some like that. Little ballet flats that would be warmer for cold feet.

* Loved the letter from Ezra! :) Miss you all so much!