October 26, 2012


A week goes by fast.

Still waiting for my sub license.
The checks have all cleared.
So they liked my money anyway.

Jobe was sick Wednesday and Thursday.
He actually wanted to go to school
And I actually wanted him to go to school yesterday.
Already not used to having kiddos at home during the day.
That didn't take long.

Thursday was superhero day for the older kids.
As is typical, I had to force Jake to pose for the camera.
His friends...not so much.
They are both hams.

 Super Jayhawk, Auqa Man and Newton Knight Bat.

The girls got into it too.

When I asked my niece what her superhero name was,
she said: Woman, Woman.
Ok, then.
She and Brookie make me laugh.
All the time.
Brookelynn is, obviously, Batgirl.

You also might be wondering
why there are so many kiddos at my house.
Before school.
Well, we double the number of children in our house
every school day morning.
Two of Jake's friends.
My niece.
And one of Ezra's friends.
Crazy, huh?

And lately, somehow,
we've even had time to do stuff like this in the morning.
 Candyland with Daddy.
And reading books.

Captain Underpants is a favorite right now.
I don't understand the appeal.
But he's a boy.
And he's 8.
That's probably enough said.
Plus he looks so cute in his glasses,
I just love it when he reads anything.

Tuesday I let my hair dry naturally.

And then put a little gel in it.
It's got a little wave to it when I do that.
And I thought it looked ok.
I was waiting outside of the school.
With 5,000 other parents.
At the end of the school day.
When Ezra walked out, he said
(in a not so quiet voice):
Mom, what is up with your hair?

How did I respond to that?
I ignored it.
And then, did the same thing again Thursday.
Just for fun.
And then, didn't comb my hair this morning
before taking him to school.
(He always wants me to walk him to his classroom door.)
He didn't even notice.

So here's what I've learned.
Bed head is acceptable.
Naturally dried, gelled hair is not.
Well, according an 8 year old boy
whose favorite book series is about a
tighty-whitey and red cape wearing boy anyway.

And that would be precisely why
I still pick his clothes out every morning.


Amy said...

You make me laugh. :) So do all those kids. I swear Eli has grown while we've been away.

Danielle said...

Poor Jakie. Where does he find his friends?

I'm pretty sure you can't have a bad hair day...even if you try.