October 19, 2012


God's spent a lot of time counting this boy's hair.
Yesterday was haircut day.
For all of my kids.
But I always miss Ezzie's hair the most after a cut.
Matthew 10:30
And even the very hairs of your head 
are all numbered.

God loves my sweet boy.
And his hair.
Even more than I do.

Typically, I would link this up with Beki's Fingerprint Friday. But after 5 years of hosting and an increasingly busy life (we all know how that is) she has decided to end her Fingerprint Friday run. Just want to thank you, Beki, for encouraging us to look for God's fingerprints in the little, everyday things of life. It's been a blessing. 


Chad and Jody said...

I won't even recognize him on Monday! looks great Ezra!

Amy said...

I think he and Lawson tie for "best hair." :) he was so excited to tell Corey about Face timing Ezra!