June 22, 2009

At Sea

Day 2 of the cruise.
At sea all day.
Miles and miles of water.
Nothing else.
These two guys were hitting on all the girls.
The guy on the left could have been related to Pauly Shore.
Not kidding.
Dinner that night was formal.
Ryan was a little upset to wear a suit on vacation.
So, in an act of rebellion, he wore his favorite shoes.
Yes, they are canvas.
My mom bought this dress for me.
Without me along.
Isn't she amazing?
Also, I must add a little story here.
Before dinner each night,
there are photographers taking portraits.
You stand before a "pretty" background.
And get snapped.
The portraits are then available for you to purchase.
Because you haven't spent enough money yet.
We chose the white background.
Because we're smart.
We did buy a couple portraits.
But I'm not posting them.
You'll have to come to my house to see them.

The photographer awkwardly poses us.
And then asks me,
"Would you like to take your glasses off?"
She didn't ask Ryan.
Just me.

I wanted to say,
"Would you like me to put make-up on too?"
I don't wear any, you see.
Because I'm lazy.
"Go get my hair styled?"
Because I'm bad at it.
"Should my husband change his shoes?"
Because he hadn't and didn't.
Which I was perfectly fine with.
My hubby must have felt me tense up.
He answered for me.
Good thing he's quick.

One last photo.
Our nightly towel pal.

1 comment:

PamperingBeki said...

You were missed!!

I'm insanely jealous, but glad you're back.

And seriously? No one should look this good with no makeup and after giving birth numerous times.

You might not be able to be my friend anymore because you make me look bad. Haha! Hot mom.