June 30, 2009

Last One

Day 5.
Last day at sea.
We found some lounge chairs.
The ocean.
A good book.
I was one happy girl.
At one point I said:
I could do this all day.
Ryan said:
Really? I'm getting a little bored.
At least there was a belly flop contest.
To entertain him.
And everyone else, apparently.
This scrawny kid was from Kansas.
Go Kansas!
But this is the guy that won.
No couple pic today.
What were we thinking?
And that's the end.
Of our wonderful trip.

Now we really want to take our kids.
Can someone send money, please?


MICHELE said...

glad you had a good time!! I want to go back too! I can't send money, but we have a Royal Caribbean credit card that we use for EVERYTHING (we pay it off each month, we use it like cash!) Anyway you get points that eventually leads to cruises or on board perks. Anyway after 5 years we now have a free companion fare on a cruise...but now w/ Lo it really isn't a good time to go...just a thought!?!
I love your pics!

PamperingBeki said...

I'm still crazy jealous!!

It looks like such a great time!

And seriously, no one should look that good after 4 kids and no makeup. It's a good thing you're nice, or I'd hate you.