June 24, 2009

Kids' Pics and Grandparents

I gave the kids our old camera.
It still works occassionally.
And told them to take pics while we were gone.
So we could see what they did.
They took pics the first day or two.
Then quit.
No pics from Ryan's parents' house.

If it wasn't for our super, fantastic parents
we wouldn't have been able to go on the cruise.
They spoiled our kids.
Zoo, movies, picnics, library, ice cream, tents...
My parents let the three older kids sleep in the tent.
Could have told them (my parents) it wouldn't work.
But they have learn somehow.
By the end of the night,
all three were upstairs in their beds.

They always watch lots of movies.
At both sets of grandparents.
And they went to see Up.
Which they loved.
Brookie took this picture.
She liked how the boys were both the same.
My mom plays games with the kids A LOT.
And reads stories.
And colors.
They love it.
I will cherish pictures like this.
My dad took off work Friday.
Even though he would have the weekend with them too.
They love to tease him.
And be teased by him.
Ryan's dad takes them out for ice cream.
And lets them ride in the tractor, combine, farm truck.
They love it.
Ryan's mom slept in the same room with them.
And talked with the two older kids until midnight one night.
How sweet is that?

Toads are constantly in my parents' window wells.
My parents tub is a hit.
Bright boy.Crazy girl.
And this is my favorite one.
Ezzie took it.
Thanks Moms and Dads.
We all love you!


PamperingBeki said...

Those pictures are AMAZING!

I predict that in a year you'll look back and this will be one of your favorite blog posts ever.

What a great family you have.

Leslie Veer said...

I think Ezra has a future as a photographer!