June 29, 2009

Best Day

Day 4.
Cozumel, Mexico.
The water was beautiful.
The resort was beautiful.
We went clear kayaking and snorkling.
I worked hard paddling.
While Ryan took pictures.
Most of which didn't turn out.
It was nearly impossible to get
a good shot of the fish.
The obligitory couple pic.We did not get pics of us snorkling.
No underwater camera.
Ryan LOVED snorkling.
I enjoyed it too.
But couldn't see real well.
My eyesight is terrible.
Better under the water.
But the deeper the water,
the less I saw.

Pretty fish, lobster, starfish, sting ray.
Under water cave.
Very fun.
Some day we hope to take the kids.

We spent some time shopping.
Then headed back to the ship.
For a relaxing evening on Deck 10.
And a 70's dance party.
And our towel pal.
Only one more day.
How sad.

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