June 27, 2009

Nine is Nifty

My Jake is 9 today.
Where does the time go?
Birthday cake is best when eaten with shirts off.
Not that I would know.
80 some water balloons...
Gone in 60 seconds.
Sweet, sweet boy.
And all I can think is
we're half-way to 18.
Which means in 9 more years
he'll be a high school graduate.
Can I have a tissue, please?


Beth said...

And I hate to tell you Gina, but the years fly . . . we have a high school senior this year and I just CAN'T believe it. It helps when you know you've been there enjoying your kids along the way, but it still gets here way before you're ready. Love reading your blog btw :)

PamperingBeki said...

Happy birthday to your handsome man!