June 23, 2009

Day 3

Grand Cayman.
Beautiful sunshine for an hour and a half.
Then rain, rain, rain.

The city.
We were not so impressed with.
The Beach.
Was gorgeous.
Ezzie was convinced we would see pirates.
This picture was a must.
Have to include at least one couple shot.
This was taken after we got back on ship.
When I was dry and warm and happy again.
The rain was very chilly.
Our dinner pals.
Two great couples.
We really enjoyed getting to know them.
And the food was yummy.
Duck, lamb, shrimp, lobster, steak.
I had chicken one night.
My guy thought I was crazy.
Chicken is very boring to him.
But it was superb.
And, of course, our towel pal.
We debated about what it was.
Ryan thinks a pig, but the ears are too big.
I think a cow.
We didn't want to ask our stateroom attendant.
We hated to offend him.
So, the question remains...


Amy said...

I think that's my favorite couple picture... very cute. I would totally be ordering the chicken. Not a big seafood girl here, so the shrimp and lobster sound yuck... and ducks and lambs are just supposed to look cute, not taste good. :) I would be alternating with steak and chicken!

p.s. I think your towel pal looks like a goat.

PamperingBeki said...

The beach, GORGEOUS!!

That towel pal? Don't know!!

Your comentary is hilarious.

And your pictures are beautiful.
Can I be you?