April 22, 2010


My daddy's 60th was last week.
He likes things low-key.
Just my brother's family and our family for supper.
He wanted lasagna.
My mom and I each made a pan.
We have the best lasagna recipe.
That's my opinion, of course.
A little time consuming.
But wonderful!My parents best friends came for dessert.
They spend every Friday evening together.
And usually at least one trip a year.
With random fishing trips thrown in.
No free babysitting on Friday nights for us!
Well, okay...
Occasionally they will make an exception.
Don't want my mom too mad at me when she sees this.There's my daddy.
I like this one.
Never too old to blow out birthday candles!His nick-name in high school was Zoom.
He was a good athlete.
I mean is a good athlete.
Almost got myself in trouble again.

Happy birthday, Daddy!
Love you tons!

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