April 05, 2010

Just the Kids

So glad I married such a good lookin' man.
I always wanted cute kids.
Man, do I have 'em.
My favorite. Sorry I bragged.
Just couldn't help myself.


Amanda said...

LOVE the coordinating colors! They are VERY cute - but what are you talking about - you are gorgeous, so DUH they are great looking kids!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! You are silly.

Yes your husband is very attractive, but YOU contributed quite a bit to that gene pool also!

Your kids are gorgeous.
And I still say your entire family should be Gap models.

The Veers said...


Julie said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love Brooklyn's dress. They are all darling and you have every right to brag :)

Amy said...

Gorgeous kiddos!! But I'm with Amanda and Beki... you've got some good genes in there too, girl. :)

Almost bought Ezzie's shirt for Lawson. They could have had matching shoes and shirts! :)