April 07, 2010

Thanks, But...

A few weeks ago I asked for a little help.
With a decorating dilemma.

And while you all had great ideas:
Spray painting branches.
Easter eggs.
Lemons and limes...my overall favorite.
Not to mention this particularly practical one:
Feeding trough for my kids??

I did something different.
It was free.
It was easy.
And I actually came up with it on my own.
Tell me if it looks stupid.
I don't want stupid decor
to greet people as they enter my house.I placed a votive holder with water in the center.
Went out into the windy, cold day.
Rescued some daffodils from certain destruction.
Bound them with a twist tie.
Trimmed their stems to a couple of inches.
Placed them in the votive holder.
Dug a bag of spanish moss out of a closet.
And filled in all around the flowers. Voila!
I'm trying not to be too impressed with myself at this point.
But tell me if your not equally impressed.
I'll only cry for a day or two.
And what little confidence I have
will be shattered...


Beth said...

It's lovely!

MICHELE said...

good work! I think it looks nice.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That's cute!

Now if you could only work in some of those little metal brads...