April 06, 2010

Just a Little Dirt

The little boys had a bath late last night.
I snatched them out of the tub.
Pulled the drain.
Got them cozy.
Put them to bed.
Forgot all about the tub.

This is what greeted me this morning.
(none of the following pictures do this justice)
I showed the little boys.
Ezzie said:
That's not from me!

He might be right.
This is the
mixed with a little dirt
and a whole lot of Kansas wind look.
Somehow, I'm thinking
this look wouldn't work for me.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ugh. Story of my life, fighting that dirt...

And it's just gonna get worse once we move out to the farm. You guys are going to come see us out there, right?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! My grandsons are really cute (and smart)!!

Grandma L