April 14, 2010

What We've Been Up To

We have been crazy busy.
Insanely busy.
Soccer tourney.
Soccer practices.
Potty training...unsuccessfully...still.
Refereeing fights between the little boys.
Kindergarten pre-enrollment...can you hear my sobs?
Last Bible study until fall.
Getting clothes ready for consignment sale.
Getting toys ready for same sale...can you hear Jobie's sobs?

In keeping with our lives right now,
my computer is acting insane also.
I am typing this with one hand
while my other hand holds the back of the screen.
If I let go for a second my screen goes plaid.
And I have to turn it off.
And start all over.

But that's an improvement over the last two days.
Where I couldn't do anything.
No facebook.
No blogging.

But, on the positive side,
we have been enjoying some yummy food.

A new treat.
Ryan and I ate these after the kids went to bed.
Oh, so yummy!A longtime favorite.
Salty and sweet.
Nothing better.
And, yes.
Those are Valentine m&m's.
Bought them on clearance.
Stuck them in a cupboard.
Forgot about them.
Oh, the joy when I discovered them yesterday!ChocolateWaffleCookies
I took 4 dozen to Brookie's soccer practice.
They were gone within ten minutes. Veggie Pizza.
Brookie and I are the only ones in our family who like it.
More for us! Strawberries.
We all like these.
So pretty. Had to throw a little bit of healthy in there.

Now back to my crazy life.
I'm off to the grocery store.
And then...
More potty training.
More cooking.
More refereeing.
And on...
And on...
And on.

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The Bohrer's said...

My mom used to make those waffle cookies. What recipe do you use for your chocolate butter icing? Thanks!