October 04, 2010

Best Friends

Remember this?
Well, it isn't true anymore.
Ezra has a best friend.For the past six weeks,
when Jobie and I have walked to school
to get Ezzie from morning kindergarten,
we haven't brought just Ezzie home.
We have brought an extra boy with us as well.
I have watched him from time to time over the last 2 years.
But these past weeks have sealed the deal.
These two boys are now nearly inseparable.Do you ever wonder how the decisions
you make as a parent
will affect your children's friendships?
Did my decision to watch my friend's son,
influence Ezra to become friends with him?
If it did,
I'm glad.
He is one happy little boy.
Who loves having a best friend.Today the boys began all day kindergarten.
Jobie is napping.
It is quiet in my house.

I miss them.
So excited for them.
And for me.
Only one at home.
All day.
Monday thru Friday.
But I miss my little boy.
Who gives the best hugs and kisses.

Why does watching your kids grow up
have to be so bittersweet?


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

How fun...I actually had a kindergartner boy with me for six weeks as well. Only, unfortunately, he didn't have another kindergartner to hang out with -- only a two year old. But, I have missed him today. I've missed his conversations. And, Luke missed him this morning as well.

Amy said...

I'm teary. I couldn't ask for a better friend for Lawson. I remember when Ezzie was born... knowing I was having a boy... asking if you would start him when he was 5 or wait a year... wondering if they might be friends someday. I love that they are. :)