October 20, 2010

Not Sure...

I'm ready for this.Brookelynn has been begging lately.
Begging to drive.
Not sure where it came from.
She's not even 12 yet.We were out in the country this weekend.
Ryan stopped.
Asked Brookie if she wanted to drive.
Kicked me out of the passenger's seat.
And away we went.

Lara was really not sure.
This is how she looked.
The whole 3 minutes Brookie drove.Brookie didn't quite make the turn into her uncle's drive.
Had to back up.
She learned it's harder to get it into gear than she thought.
She'll really have a shock when she learns manual.She didn't do too bad on the turn.
Although, at one point,
I did think we might end up in the pig pen.But we arrived.
And with our sanity intact.She actually did pretty good.
The first time I drove with my dad did not go well.
At all.
It ended with me in tears.
My dad very angry.
And this statement:
I am NEVER driving with you again.
From me.
Although my dad was probably thinking it.

And I haven't.
I have not been in the driver's seat with my dad in a car since.

He just better hope I change my mind.
Someday he's going to need me.
To drive him to a doctor's appointment.
For the enema he's in desperate need of.
He'll be begging me then.

Not sure...
I'm ready for that either.


Anonymous said...

First time I drove I was 11. We lived on a farm. I drove home from the field...missed the driveway...drove through the ditch (driveways are over-rated anyway!) and almost hit the side of a grain bin. Our oldest is 9. I'm NOT teaching him to drive!

Leslie said...

I hope your dad reads this! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina. This is Mica and Adam Hunter. This really cracked us up! I hope you change your mind for your dad's sake, too!