October 13, 2010


It has been two months now.
Since Lara joined our family.
It's gone by so fast.

The little boys have had so much fun with her.
This is a typical scene in our house.
Both of them attacking her.She and Jobe disappeared for a bit last night.
And came back as superheros.Fighting each other.
Not sure which is the bad superhero.
Looking kinda' like Jobie is.
Lara is looking pretty innocent.The four younger kids did not have school today.
Lara did.
Jake was having a lot of fun.
Rubbing that fact in.
But then, for some reason,
he was up earlier than he normally is.
So Lara said maybe he could go to school for her.
Ezzie (yes he was up early too) said:
But you're more yellowish.
Lara: What do you mean?
Ezzie: Your hair is more yellowish.
Lara and I cracked up.
Who knew that was the biggest difference between them.

Then he said: And you don't have the same clothes.
Jake: What about you're a boy and Lara is a girl.
Ezzie: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that!

It's pretty cool how little kids' minds
work so differently from ours.Lara is loving all the adventures she is having here.
Ground hogs.
Frogs and toads.
And obviously, even snake skins.
Her comment the other day
after seeing a turtle cross the road:
I love America!

And America loves her.
At least this family does!

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

How fun!

She's a doll. And ewwwww, snake skins. We have them all the stinking time. Disgusting.