October 08, 2010

A Day with Jobie

Jobe is finding ways to keep busy while Ezra is at school.
He lines up his Hot Wheels.
While sucking his thumb.
Quite a feat.Plays soccer.
Imagine that.Has multiple meltdowns.
Always been good at that.Which then leads to black boogers on the nose.
Lovely.Helps mommy water flowers.
Most of the time missing the plant altogether.Pretty sure he gets more on himself
than on the plants.Shares chocolate waffle cookies with mommy.
We don't tell the others how many we eat during the day.
Hehe!Yummy!Plays the computer.
He's just learning how to move the cursor.
Cute little finger!Walks...
Rather, runs with his shadow.Rides his bike.Searches for gourds.
And finds the tiniest one.Gets lots of mommy time.And now I understand why the youngest is spoiled.
You just can't help it.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

You do realize he's so VERY cute...But, of course you realize that :) I enjoy your photos of all of your kids, but your youngest would be easy to spoil.

ShellyStout said...

oh we need to get our boys together for a play date! Your house looks so FUN!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

He is so stinking cute.
And you're such a good mom.