October 05, 2010


I got to thinking...
For those of you who don't really know me,
you don't really know me.
You know what I mean?

So here's a few things about me
that you might or might not know
and might or might not want to know:

1) Once upon a time, I was teacher.
For four years I taught junior high.
Until kid #2 came along.
I loved it.
But doubt I will ever go back.
My teaching certificate is long expired.

2) I never went to camp.
Other than sleepovers
and the occassional times when my mom
went on business trips with my dad,
I never stayed away from home.
So I was VERY homesick my first semester of college.
A small town girl in Chicago.
Chicago is now my favorite city.
My dream is to have a condo there some day.
Just go there to hang out sometimes.
When my hubby makes his millions...

3) A day that I don't talk with my mom is rare.

4) I married my high school sweetheart.

5) My 8th grade year was the worst year of my life.
I felt like a loser.

6) I'm no good at decorating.
I know what I like.
I just can't ever pull it off.
If I pick flowers and put them in a vase,
it looks like my 3 year old did it.

7) I typically bake at least every other day.

8) I hate cleaning my stove.
Come look at my burners sometime.
No, on second thought, don't.
I really want a new stove/oven.
My current one is ancient.
But it still works...minus one burner.
So I keep using it.

9) I have had one pedicure in my life.
Ryan bought me one for a birthday once.
It was wonderful.
But I have so many other things to spend money on.

10) I've never had a manicure.

11) I've never colored my hair...yet.
But that I will spend money on.
At the first sign of gray.
I'll be making a phone call.
Even if it's 2:00 am.
A phone call will be made.
Although I have no idea why I would find
a gray hair at 2:00 am.
You just never know though...

12) I love to shop.
Most of all, I like to shop for others.
Just wish I had more money to do it more often.

13) I drink coffee every morning.

14) I have great intentions.
Let's just leave it at that.

1 comment:

MICHELE said...

Love it. We are so alike and I had no idea. :)

Was your 8th grade year the worse b/c of those dreaded Woodsman Speeches? Or did they do those when you were in 8th grade?

Funny you posted about your teaching, I was just wondering about that they other day, if you missed it or would ever go back?!