October 21, 2010


Recent pictures I like.

Brookelynn and Jobe holding hands.
On a hayrack ride.
Everytime it got a little bumpy, Jobie grabbed her hand.Snapped from the haywagon.
Why it speaks to me, I don't know.
I don't even know what it is saying to me.
I just know that I like it.I can just hear him thinking:
How do I get in here?His aunt told him if he walked with his hands behind his back
the dog would not jump up on him.
He walked all over like this.
Even when the dog wasn't nearby.
He dressed himself, by the way.Mooooooo! Tasty!The only thing missing is Jakie.
He went to a football game with Ryan.
Otherwise this would be my new favorite of the kids.Hope your fall as been as beautiful as ours.

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