July 09, 2009

Bribes and Pictures

A friend took the kids' pictures last night.
They did not want to go.
I told them if they were good,
they would get watermelon after.

My daughter said:
Why do you have a watermelon?
To eat it.
I know that! But why did you buy it?
Was it on sale or something?

She knows me so well.

Beki's pics are way better than mine.
And I promise my kids are all clothed in them.
Click here to check them out on her great blog.
She's one super gal with cute kids and fun jewelry.


Amy said...

Just came from Beki's blog! Great pictures! I laughed at all the bruises on Jake's legs, too! :)

(But really... didn't you want to take your glasses off? Do your hair? Put on some makeup???) You know I'm kidding! You are stunning! Brooklyn will love those good genes you've given her some day! :)

MICHELE said...

The pics are great! Your whole family should model for Gap! You all look so amazing!

PamperingBeki said...

They were SO good!! You sure know how to bribe kids. I'm glad the watermelon worked.

I'll admit that I was nervous. Shooting my own three at ones is a complete workout sometimes, so I expected 4 kids to be even harder. And it was SOOOO stinkin' easy!

Those are some darn good kids you have.

And I am still jealous of all the gorgeous golden brown skin. When I get to heaven I need to talk to God about this pasty stuff I was given...