July 26, 2009

Jake's Day

Brookelynn had her turn a couple weeks ago.
Last week was Jake's day with mommy.

I was bad and let him ride up front with me.
He thought it was great.
The whole 30 minute ride
he played with my phone
and the GPS.
I love how his little legs are just hanging out.

And the whole 30 minute ride we talked about
where he wanted to eat.
I finally had to pull into a mall parking lot.
And wait for him to decide.

Much deliberation went into the choice.
Red Lobster.
Which he once called Blue Crab.
When he was 4 or so.

We talked about soccer and Harry Potter.
School and Harry Potter.
Friends and Harry Potter.

This one just cracks me up.
No idea where he is looking.
After lunch it was off to All Star Adventures.
For some...adventure.
First mini golf.

And yes, I did gloat when I made a hole-in-one.
And when I beat him.
I have to...while I can.
Then it was off to the go-karts.
Only two were running.
They moved at a snail's pace.
But look how intense he was.
There was a little girl in front of him.
Who would not let him around her.

And who's older sister had cut in line in front of him,
while he was waiting his turn.
So got to go before him.
Then, when her turn was over,
got off the kart walked out the gate
and stepped in front of him again.
Understandable if she was 2 or 3.
But she was easily 9.
The mom and grandma just watched it all happen.

My Jakie is so sweet.
He didn't say a word.
The employee told her it wasn't her turn again.
They all acted irritated.
Some people are rude.

We also rode the big people go-karts.
I got to drive that because my little guy
doesn't reach the height requirement.
Then, off to the roller coaster.
Which we rode a couple times.

Look at his face!
I can't remember the last time
I did something just with Jake.
So much fun.
Hope it happens again.


Amy said...

What a fun day and what great memories you made! I'm sure Jake loved it!

(btw... I've always loved how you add "ie" to all your kid's names... Brookie, Jakie, Ezzie, Jobie. It's sweet. :)

PamperingBeki said...

This is so stinkin' cute.

I love that you DID it, but I also love that you took pictures and blogged about it. Memories saved!

This reminds me that it's been a while since any of my kids had a "mommy date" and I need to do them.

kristin said...

okay, just wandered here somehow...i met you at the park once...this post motivates me greatly. i need to do this with my micah. ahhhh.