July 14, 2009

I Did It

I stole that line from Jobie.
It is his favorite sentence right now.
But this is about me.

Each summer I read a classic.
I LOVE to read.
But I rarely take the time
to read some of the great older books.
They require too much thought.
I have 4 kids, remember?
So, the first day of summer break I picked the book.

It's possibly the ugliest copy of Wuthering Heights ever.
I got it free.
Years ago.
It had many typos in it.
And I did not enjoy it.
I was told I would like it.
By my mom, one of my friends and many others.

I started the first day of summer break.
And just finished yesterday.
The only other classic I didn't enjoy was Jane Eyre.
Something must be wrong with me.
Most people love that book too.

There's always next summer.
And at least I can say
I did it.


PamperingBeki said...

My summer reading consists of Country Living, Cottage Living, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens... I'm so shallow.

Leslie said...

Wuthering Heights was not my favorite either. Too dark. Too depressing. Too soap-opera-ish. But I LOVE Jane Eyre! How do you feel about A Tale of Two Cities? It's my all time favorite novel.

Susan S. said...

Hi there....just popped over from Pampering Beki's blog and am enjoying yours. Your family is beautiful.
Congratulations for making it through Wuthering Heights...I don't believe I've ever read it. The cover on YOUR book looks like it's sort of Comic-Book Like.

Toni :O) said...

I've read both those books and loved both of them...required reading in 11th Grade Literature class..by far, one of my favorite classes...guess I'm weird. Oh well.

Elizabeth said...

Loved Jane Eyre but can't stand Wuthering Heights either.