July 25, 2009

Kids' Sale

My kids and three of their best friends
have been waiting all summer for this day.
They have been planning, designing, dreaming.
Working hard.

Yesterday we all got together
to put the finishing touches on things.
And to create a little more.

Creative chaos.

Lots of t-shirts.
A few were iron-ons.
The rest were designed by Brookie.
She was most proud of this one.
Ezzie wanted it.
Lucky him.
It did not sell today.
And he got it.

We loved how these turned out.
But then I washed them.
And the white turned dusty rose.
Jakie was so excited he got up and dressed.
At 5:00a.m.
And then at 7:00a.m. fell asleep.
9:00a.m. finally arrived.
All set up and ready to sell their wares.
Plus some lemonade and cookies.
Made by yours truly.
See the dusty rose t-shirts (in the basket)?

At the end of the day
we went to a local greasy spoon.
Each of them wearing t's that were left.
Now how will I keep them occupied?

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Beth said...

Very cool stuff! Very creative!