July 29, 2009


Drove to Wichita.
Dropped Brookie off for soccer training.
Met up with Ryan for a few minutes
at the Butler Andover campus student union.
Whooped Jakie at foos ball.
Took the boys to the Andover library.
Picked Brookie up.
Found a nice place for a little picnic.

Let the kiddos play at the park.
Not fun for me.
Too stressful trying to keep track of 4 kids.

Then, a little jaunt to the zoo.
To see the new tiger exhibit.
(Can't believe we hadn't been yet.)
But, of course, we had to see everything else too.
In the gorilla exhibit Ezzie hid himself.
Brookie and Jakie were running all over.
Calling his name.
I was pushing the stroller in circles.
Trying not to panic.
After several minutes,
it felt like hours,
Ezzie suddenly pops out:
I hid good didn't I?
At which point I started weeping.
And that was the point he realized
hiding was not such a good idea:
Mommy, I will never do that again.
No you won't.
Scariest moment of my life.

Before we could get out of the zoo
it rained.
It really was a fun day.
In spite of
the stress,
nearly loosing my son,
the rain,
and the achy legs last night.
The incredibly achy legs.
Wow, I'm sounding old.

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