July 20, 2009

The Chair

This is the chair that eperienced it all:
new tastes,
eating unassisted,
messy little hands,
first birthday cake crumbs,
dropping food,
throwing food,

For ten years this chair has been a part of our family.
It has been used and abused.
It is ripped, stained and scarred.

This weekend it left us.
As ridiculous as it sounds,
it took me two months to get rid of it.
The first time my guy tried I nearly cried.
Then, a few weeks ago I moved it to the garage.
And, now, this weekend it went to the dumpster.

So long chair.
Thanks for the memories.


PamperingBeki said...


I was so ready to get rid of ours. They're not the most attractive things.

ShellyStout said...

Does that mean no more kiddos????

Amy said...

But where will my baby sit when you take care of her?? :)

rentz said...

Shelly-I'm thinking no, but God has had other plans for us before. : )

Amy-I really don't think you would have wanted her sitting in that thing. I'll just hold her and spoil her the whole time. : )