July 08, 2009

Top Five

Things I learned on the cruise.

5. We do not get motion sickness.
Good thing.
We brought Dramamine.
But stuff like that knocks me out.
I would have been a delight.

4. Some people go on cruises to buy diamonds.
Nice, expensive diamonds.
Duty free.
We just wanted to find some cheap souvenirs for our family.
We're simple people.

3. It is possible to sit down to dinner for 5 nights in a row
and not have to take a child to the restroom
as soon as you get your food.
Because they are not with you.
And you can feel like honeymooners again.
Because they are not with you.

2. Ryan will never be too old to wear a speedo.
Hot pink.
And I can get a hot pink bikini to match.
We saw that.
Not on us.
On a 60+ year old couple.

1. God is mighty, huge, vast, incomprehensible.
I knew this.
Just was reminded of it.
At one point we were cruising over water 25,000 feet deep.
And most of the trip all we saw was water.
Ps. 29:3
The voice of the LORD is upon the waters;
The God of glory thunders,
The LORD is over many waters.


PamperingBeki said...

Wow, that is beautiful!

Karis B said...

Hey girl- I love your blog- glad you had an awesome time on the cruise!! I am sure you looked great with your new dress Barn shirt. =0) Glad you made some great memories- were encourgaged in the Lord- and were inspired by the 60 year old couple =0)