May 17, 2010


We have been soooo busy lately.
We haven't had time to work outside.
Many of my flowers are still waiting to be planted.
My garden hasn't even been tilled yet.
The lawn needs mowed.
The hedge needs trimmed.
Poor Jakie is still waiting for his b-ball goal to go up.

And lets not even talk about inside.
Beginning to wonder if we will ever
finish the basement,
get the little boys room repainted,
finish the staircase,
get our master bath and closet done.

You know when you have so much to do
that you don't even know where to start?
So you do nothing?
That's where I am.

So I'm spending time catching up on blogs instead.
Logical, right?
I haven't been on the computer since Thursday.

This is the last week of school for my kiddos.
Another year.
Gone just like that.
Ezzie will begin kindergarten in the fall.
Brookelynn and Jake will both be in middle school.
But I'll still have my Jobie at home.
For two more years.

Back to being busy...
It's been a good kind of busy.
Soccer practices, games and tournaments.
Fifth grade fun day.
Dinners with friends.
Meetings to plan for our new church building celebration.
Meeting for VBS.
Nothing too stressful.
Just go, go, go.

See.You don't feel sorry for me now.
Do ya?
What's more fun than friends.
And a guy who makes great balloon creations.
And eating outside on a beautiful day.

I've got two bathrooms begging to be cleaned.
It really must be done.
Now you feel sorry for me, right?
Bathrooms are probably my most dreaded chore.
Maybe it's not so bad that
the basement and master bathrooms aren't done.
That will just double my bathroom cleaning duties.

One more random thing.
Is something wrong with me?
I'm not bursting with joy that
a Chick-Fil-A is coming.
Did I even spell that right?
I've eaten at one.
It was okay.
I don't remember being that excited by it.
But all my local friends are talking about it.
Somebody, fill me in on what's yummy there.
I need to be informed.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You are hi-larious.

I get to that point where there's so much to do and I just shut down. It's so frustrating! And I usually do just what you did, go catch up on blogs.

Chik-Fil-A is yummmmmy. Just the basic chicken sandwich that comes with pickles, waffle fries, and a peach milkshake. Oh mama. A year or two ago McDonald's tried a "southern style chicken sandwich" that was a copy of chik-fil-a but it wasn't nearly as good.

I wish I'd have thought to take pictures of Jake at the gold rush! I even talked to him for a minute, but it never dawned on me to snap a few pictures. I'm bright like that.

I wonder if there's a limit on how many characters one blog comment can hold?


Brownie said...

The kids looked like they had tremendous fun!!

I consider reading blogs like magazines. My mother would start cleaning house and would get sidetracked with a magazine; pretty soon there she would be reading and not cleaning. She also taught piano and she would go into the music to dust and I would hear her dust the piano keys... starting at the bass all the way up with the rag.... next thing you know, she's playing for an hour.

Cleaning can wait (to a certain extent) You got to do some enjoyable things to be able to endure the tedium!