May 26, 2010


My kids are great kids.
They really are.
But we all have things we can work on.
It might be hard to believe this,
since I seem so perfect and all,
but even I have things to work on.

So this summer we are beginning project POF.
Put Others First.My daughter insightfully pointed out
POF could also stand for
Putting Ourselves First.
Thank you, sweetie.
That's very helpful.
(She has her father's sarcasm.)

It's easy to become selfish.
Especially in your own home.
I want my kids to willingly help.
At home.
At school.
At Grandpa and Grandma's.
Wherever they are.Hopefully project POF will encourage them
to think of others' needs before their own.

Last night, Jakie helped me make the waffles for supper.
Without me asking.
That is the first time he has ever helped in the kitchen.
Without me asking.
And him whining.

Could our little project be working already?


Jody said...

Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh....I think we need that project in our house too this summer!! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Love it!!

And I love that photo. Even your kids' feet are adorable.

MICHELE said...

This is a really good idea!
PS I tagged you on my blog. I think I remember you said once you needed blogging ideas from time to time :)