May 11, 2010


Ryan started this blog
a little over three years ago.
Then abandoned it after about 6 months.
He does things like that.
(I picked it back up nearly two years later.)

One of his first posts was this.
Our precious baby boy.
We never found out the gender of our babies.
Prior to their birth.
But I really thought he was going to be a girl.
I had even bought several cute dresses.
I was right with the other three.
So felt certain that I would be right with this one.

Now, here we are 3 years later.
I can't imagine having anyone but my Jobie.
God always knows what He's doing.

We celebrated his birthday with family last night.He's into Buzz.
Toy Story in general.
But especially Buzz.

The present I'm most excited about?
We bought him a Buzz costume.
He hasn't opened his presents from us yet.
We have a busy day.
He will open them at about 9 tonight.
If he's still awake...Happy birthday to Jobe!
We love you so much!


Amy said...

Jobie is the one who first had me thinking that a third baby would be a good idea for us. And you're right... God knows what he's doing! I can't imagine our life with out our littlest "surprise!" You are such a sweet little family! (and good looking, too. Every single one of you.)

Anonymous said...

Love his haircut! We finally had to cut our youngest curls off too....people kept telling me how pretty my little girl was. Daddy didn't like people saying that about his boy! Both of our girls have long beautiful STRAIGHT hair...both of our boys got the curls! Go figure! Happy Birthday Jobe!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh how precious!!!

Happy birthday to your big 3 year old. He is such a little doll.