May 12, 2010

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

Leaving the grocery store in the rain.
Ezzie: Indians don't care if their jeans get wet.
Random little known fact.
And also good to know.
Although I'm not sure it's accurate.Driving home from Wichita last night.
Jobie: I have abc's for my birthday.
No idea what he was talking about.
Until I got him out of the car.
Pen marks all over his hands and face.
I guess he meant he was writing abc's on himself.
For his birthday.
Possibly a new tradition.Kinda' wish I wouldn't have cut Jobie's hair.
It looks so cute here.The older two both had recognitions last week.
Jake played the temple blocks in his.
Grinned the whole time.
Cuz that's what he does.
Brookelynn sang in a trio.
She was very nervous.
Doesn't care if people watch her.
On the soccer field.
But a stage.
With a dress on.
And embarrassing.
The pictures did not turn out.Brookelynn loves her little cousin.
He's already over a year old.
Good thought:
Soon she will be old enough to babysit for us.
Date night for Mommy and Daddy!Which reminds me.
Ryan bought me a really cute dress for Mother's Day.
He has great taste.
It's a little too short for me to wear to church.
Not crazy short.
Just shorter than I would be comfortable with.
For church.
Ryan: Where will you wear it then?
Me: You could take me out on a date.
Subtle, aren't I?
The little boys put a fuzzy rabbit on our bookshelf for Easter.
It's about the same color as our cat.
Every time I see it out of the corner of my eye
I think our cat has gotten in the house.
Two thoughts on this:
1) I'm either a slow learner or very forgetful.
2) Easter decor should maybe be put away by now.

School's almost out for the summer.
Sleeping in.
Summer storms.
Soccer and basketball camps.
S'mores around the fire pit.
Sounds super!

1 comment:

Brownie said...

I think you're right on time for taking down Easter decorations.

I finally put away our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago (it's only 3' feet high and the decorations had been off for awhile).