May 06, 2010

We Did It

The baby is potty trained.

Monday he told me:
Mommy, I have to go potty.

And we haven't looked back since.
It's like he's been trained for months already.
No accidents all week.
Yesterday he went by himself.
I didn't even know he had to go.
Just heard the toilet flushing.
Guess I can get rid of the potty chair.
The boys were playing outside.
I went to check on them.
A little neighbor boy was out there.

I said, to the neighbor boy:
Hi, how are you?
He said:
Good, but there's something disgusting over there.
Oh, what's that?
Jobie is naked.

Sure enough there was my boy.
Bare bottom and all.

Jobie why are your clothes off?
I had to go potty.

The little boy's mom was outside also.
Jobie, who was somewhat hidden by trees,
ran out in the open,
looked at us
and posed.

Not kidding.
Raised his arms up above his head.
And posed.

Oh, dear.
I'm raising an exhibitionist.


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Congrats -- Now that you've successfully potty-trained three boys, can I keep you in mind for advice or a person to cry to when the time comes to potty-train Luke?

Natalie said...

Ha! That is just too funny and cute :)

Amy said...

Yay for potty training! Glad it's Jobie that's the exhibitionist and not Ezra. Can't have him teaching Lawson his naked ways. :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

He can come hang out with my nekkie at the farmhouse. We'll have little nudists everywhere.

Chad and Jody said...

You know you're lucky though, right? You only had to potty train one little girl, and the rest could go potty outside. Can't wait for that with Trey! We have trees- it will all be ok. (Unless, of course, the habit of peeing outside doesn't go away when he's older.)