May 05, 2010

Real Life

Well, here you have it.
Life at our house.

Brookie and Jakie dancing.
To Dancing with the Stars.
It was hilarious.
Ezzie the innocent watcher.
Jobie in his own little world.
And Ryan taking it all in.
If you look beyond the kids and hubby.
You see a couch whose upholstery is in sad shape.
We are looking for a sectional.
But we have a problem.
We have expensive tastes.
Without a budget to match that.
We're wanting:
Modern and comfy.
Not poofy and round.
Streamlined and square.
Hard to come by.
At our price.

A school back pack.

A play hard hat.
Don't ever recall the boys wearing it.
But it somehow always manages
to make it into the family room.

A dart gun.
Whose little suction darts are lost.
All over the house.

An air pump.
Kept in the garage.
But finds its way inside on a daily basis.

My poor computer propped up.
It needs to be put out of its misery.

A box of Ryan's old stuff.
I found it the other day.
While looking for other old stuff.
Which I never found.
It will sit there until I put away again.
Where it will be forgotten for another 3 years.
Do you think I could just toss the whole thing?
The minute I do he will NEED something from it.

The little black thing next to the box is tools.
Which I also found.
While looking for the thing I never found.
There they still sit.
I will eventually put them away.
He wonders
why he can never find his tools when he needs them.

Jobie's little shoes.
Shoes are part of the decor in this room.
As I post this there are 6 pairs of shoes.
In the family room.
Here's what I choose to see:
A family.
Having fun.
Content in spite of it all.
Blessed beyond measure.

I'll also say:
If someone would have rang my doorbell that evening.
I would have quickly grabbed some of this junk
and thrown it into the other room
before I answered the door.
Just so you know...


Amanda said...

have you checked Nebraska Furniture Mart - they have sectionals just like you described - I can't remember the price though. You could always check craigslist - even in the KC/Lawrence area - there's some good stuff sometimes!

Love this post - real life happening amoung real life surroundings. This is what most of us probably experience everyday - and then try to look put-together when someone rings the bell.

Chad and Jody said...

I agree with Amanda. We got our first living room set from NFM. They also have one in the KC area, and they will deliver for a low cost. I loved the last few sentences of this post. It reminded me of me.

rentz said...

Amanda and Jody,
We actually went to NFM recently. Found a sectional that we liked, but by the time we had to pay for "all the extras" it was going to be nearly $1500. We have to many other things we need to spend money on. Must prioritize.

And for a while I was checking Craigslist pretty regularly, but haven't done that for a while. Maybe I should start again...